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Mercury and Silver fillings

Amalgam: the Core of EU Strategy on Mercury

Petition “STOP Dental Mercury!”
12nd March 2010
Contribution of European Associations about IPEN Views on a Global Mercury Treaty
December, the 20th 2009
Mercury in Fish is Global Health Concern That Warrants Immediate United Nations Action, say Groups
10 february 2009 - Press Release
The lights are on but is anybody home?
Environmental NGOs welcome legislative moves to ban traditional light bulbs but warn against the environmental costs of proposed alternatives
Over 2,000 flood FDA with reports of illness from mercury dental fillings,
For Immediate Release Contacts: Freya Koss, (610) 649-2606 Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Peter Kelley, (202) 270-8831
International Conference on mercury Substitution in Mexico

Questions at the European Parliament about amalgam fillings
29 April 2008 E-2444/08
Activists call for stop dental mercury pollution
Children 'at risk' from mercury in dental fillings
By Auslan Cramb Last Updated: 10:34PM BST 29/06/2008
Children and unborn babies could be at risk from the mercury contained in fillings, according to the world's biggest medical regulator.
The American government's Food and Drug Administration agency has issued a health warning over amalgam dental fillings after insisting for years that they were safe.
Testimony Before the House Government Reform Committee by Boyd Haley, Ph.D.
published with the permission of the author
November 14, 2002
Letter of Prof. Boyd Haley to the Commission
The Honorable Dan Burton, Chairman Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives - Washington, D.C.
23 May 2001