Association for the Chronic or/and Environmental Injury Illness   


A.M.I.C.A. is member of the International EMF Alliance. Principal aim of IEMFA is to disseminate coherent, health-oriented information and advice on the rapidly growing body of knowledge on deeper biological disruptions observed in living tissues after exposure to environmental levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, including the assessment of possibly related long-term health risks when chronically exposed. This body of knowledge is empirically based, and thus extends, updates and biologically refines the current available body of knowledge on predominantly physical-theoretical expectations of health risks of radiation. In this way IEMFA aims to contribute to long-term public health merits, by preventing various possible chronic diseases. IEMFA’s supplementary, long-term oriented information and advice is addressed to everyone with an interest in the subject, especially to national and international health authorities. IEMFA primarily focuses on the widely used frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, of which there is still limited understanding with regards to the long-term effects. It includes low frequencies related to the use of electricity, and radio-frequencies related to the use of various wireless applications. The majority of information provided by the IEMFA is published in the form of scientific reviews, advisory reports and the proceedings of scientific meetings. The outcomes of these reviews will be promoted by IEMFA and will result in the publication of Empirically based Exposure Guidelines preventing Chronic Health Risks for society.

A.M.I.C.A. signed the Porto Alegre Resolution promoted by the International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) on the 15th September 2009.

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The Environmental Illness Resource website  - It is a source of information about a number of related, and poorly understood, chronic illnesses such as CFS, MCS and ME. Matthew Hogg is Founder and Editor. Email:

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