Association for the Chronic or/and Environmental Injury Illness   

Health Centres

Prof. Dr. William J. Rea
Environmental Health Center - Dallas 8345 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 205 Dallas, Texas Tel: 001-214-373-5147 Fax: 001-214-691-8432
Environmental Health Center - Chicago  2500 W. Higgins Suite 1170 / 1180 Hoffmann Estate, IL 60195 - Tel : 001-847-519-7772 Fax : 001-847-519-7787
General contact Sue: Fax 001 214 691 8432   Tel. 001 214 373 5146
For accomodation Delia: Tel 001 214 368 6541
Details: the clinic was founded in 1978 and it was one of the first health center to build Environmental Control Units to treat chemically sensitive people. The therapy is multidisciplinary: environmental controls, heat chamber, physical exercise, HBOT, etc.

Dottor Gunnar Heuser
Neuromed and Neurotox Associates A medical Group - 28240 W.Agoura RD. Suite 203 Agoura Hills, California 91301 tel. (818)865-1858 Fax (818) 865-8814
Dr. Grace Ziem -16926 Eyler è Valley Road, Emmitsburg MD 21727,  Phone (301) 241-434

Doctor's Data 
Toxic hair test, urinary levels of di-glucaric acid and mercapturic acids that are indicators of toxic exposure and sensitivity.

Dr. Huggins
call toll free -  001-866-948-4638 - email: - fax 001-7195488220
Dr. Huggins and his collegues are expert in the Amalgam Syndrome.

Warren M. Levin, MD
407 Church Street, N.E.
Suite E
Vienna, Virginia 22180
call: (001) 703-2550313
fax: (001)  703-2550316
Areas of treatment: Attention Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum, Asthma, Attention Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum, Asthma, Natural Hormone Therapies, Adrenal, Thyroid, Menopause, Andropause (Male), Cardio Vascular Disorders,  Food Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Unhealthy Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Yeast, Chelation Therapy, Diabetes

Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D.
President of Neuro-Test, Inc.,
Telephone number: 626-798-4299
Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn was the Ralph Edgington Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California, School of Medicine. His career spans problem-solving in respiratory failure, emphysema, asbestosis and byssinosis at Duke University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. More recently neurobehavioral and pulmonary impairment as a result of exposure to common chemicals: mold, hydrogen sulfide, diesel, pesticides, and insecticides, have been a primary focus for study.  Since 1982 he has investigated chemicals and the brain. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Archives of Environmental Health and has published over 250 scientific papers and 3 books. He published the book "Endangered Brains How Chemicals Threaten Our Future" and he is on the Board of Advisors of MCS Beacon of Hope.

Dr. Martin H. Jenzer
Phlebologie/ Innere Medizin - Sonnen Bergstrasse 11 - 6052 Hergiswil  
Phone 0041 41.630.16.81 - Fax. 0041 41,630.16.44
Languages: german, french, english, italian.
Details: allergological tests (IgE, IgG), elimination and rotational diet, provocation/neutralization therapy, ortomolecolar therapies. 


Dr. med.  Frank Bartram
Second chairman, envirommental medicine
Allgmeinarzt - Umweltmedizin
Augustinergasse 8 - 91781 weibenburg/ Bay- Germany
telefono : 0049-9141-86190
telfax :0049-9141-92507
Languages: deutch and english.
Details:  Scientific basis of environmental medicine. Special clinic history based on the environment (home, work, school, etc..; Dental materials including endodontie and other indoor environments such as leisure entertainment, etc..).
With the analysis of the data a clinic history is made together wit the laboratory tests to discover the substances that cause the symptoms of the patient, then the treatment focuses on the central aspect of environmental diseases: avoidance of exposures to those substances that cause the disease. Dr. Bartram is professor of environmental medicine physicians and dentists and he teaches also the guidelines for "Dentistry of Environmental Medicine", he is the Director of the Association of the German Specialists in Environmental Medicine (DBU).

Dr. med.  Surgery for Ears, Nose, Throat, Allergy, Environmental Medicine
HNO an der Juliuspromenade, Juliuspromenade 54,
97070 Würzburg - Germany
Tel. +49 031322500  fax: 49 931 322 5037 (under construction)
languages: German, English
Details: Diagnostic approach: medical history, blood sampling, allergy testing, toxin and effect monitoring, polymorphism, Therapy approach: avoidance of toxins, dietetic treatment of food allergy or intolerance, orthomolecular medicine, immunological therapy, physical therapy,

Dr. med. Joachim Mutter
Former: Institut fuer Umweltmedizin und Krankenhaushygiene
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg -Department of Environmental Health Science
University Medical Center Freiburg
Now: Naturheilkunde/Umweltmedizin der Uniklinik erreichen wollen: Tel. 0761/ 270- 8201 oder -8206
personal email; 
Languages spoken: german, english
Details: Detoxification,Immunocheck, Nutrition

Dr.  Klaus-Dietrich Runow
Institut for Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine (IFU) Aratliche Berantung - Im Kurpark 1 - D-34308 Bad Emstal. Phone 0049. 5624.8061 Fax. 0049.(0)5624925466 oppure (0)56248061 oppure (0)56248695  ifu2000@t-online
Languages spoken: english, german.
Details : detoxifying therapies (Phase I and II, gluthation, alpha-lipoic acid, etc.); nutrition and new diagnostics; rooms for MCS; environmental medicine.
Prof. Ottaviano Tapparo
RosenheimerStrasse 46  81669 Munich - Germany
Phone 0049.89.48004597 - Fax 0049.89.48004598  - 
Languages spoken: german, italian, english.
Details: dentist and expert in toxic injuries such as MCS and Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (Daunderer's Syndrome). He uses the safe protocol for the removal of silver fillings, chooses dental materials only after blood test and he tests MCS with the Immuno Tolerance Test (ITT).

Dottor Bernhard Hoerr
Zehntgasse 1
73207 Plochingen
Tel. 0049-71-5382130
Fax 0049-71-53821330
Languages spoken: English, german; assistant Russian
More details: PET for brain for functional diagnostic; PET for total body for tumor diagnosis. With PET the patients get an injection with a small dose of radioactive glucose that is accumulated in the brain. There is no beside effect for the patients. They have many people with MCS and CFS also intoxicated and they have never had problems with electrosensible persons.

Dr. Klaus Kreger
Dentist (dental expert recommended by Prof. Daunderer)
Waldhornstr. 5
82110 - Germering
tel. 0049-89.842828
fax 0049-89.84936342
Languages spoken: german and some english and spanish.

Dott.ssa Maria Oana
Environmental medicine and geronthology
Schoenstr. 12
81543 – Monaco
Tel. 0049-89-62421810
Fax  0049-89-62421811
Languages spoken: german, romanian, english, italian (written).
More details: diagnosis: check of genetically detoxification (Phase I and II), environmental chemicals (organic solvents, pesticides, PCB, formaldehyde, lindane, mercury and other heavy metals, etc.), immunesystem (innate and adactive immunity), immune-target-test (MCS-ITT), neurotransmitter (acetylcholine, serotonine, etc.), virus, bacteria and fungal infections, vitamin, mineral and aminoacid deficiencies, food intolerance. Treatment: orthomolecular treatments (IV) chelating agents for the removal of mercury (particularily from dental amalgams) and other heavy metals; alpha-lipoic acid (IV), ozone therapy, diet, etc.

Dr. Hill, Hans-Ulrich
Diplom - Biologist, Toxicologist
Rudolfstr. 9, D65197 Wiesbaden
Ph. 0049-511-409401 Fax 0049-511-409401
Languages spoken: german, english and french (only basic).
More details: consultant for environmental problems, specially concerning chemicals and their toxicity. Cooperation with medical doctors and clinic; writing expert judgements for lawyers. Author of books about MCS and Toxicology.


Lab4more GmbH (ex Lab. Antox)
1st Floor - Paul-Heyse-Str. 6
80336 Munich
This laboratory can make several tests and many via mail.
Immuno-Tolerance-Test (ITT) for the evaluation of inflammatory parameters under exposure to solvents (for the diagnosis of MCS) or to EMF (for EHS). Memory lymphocite stimulation essay (LTT) for the diagnosis of the allergy to metals (type IV). They do many tests for CFS, MS, FM, etc

Medizinishes Labor Bremen
Haferwende 12
28357 Brema
tel. 0049-421-20720
fax 0049-421-2072167
More details:
DMPS and DMSA challenge test for determining the deposits of metals, dosage of metals in hair, bone of the mouth, dental roots, blood and urine, chewing-gum test for the research of metals in saliva also for putrescina and cadaverine, Test of Transformation of Linphocitest (recognized test) for metals (LTT-MELISA), for plastics, molds, drugs, and many autoimmune tests, etc.


Dr.John Kamsteeg
PhD. Dr. Nat. Rer.
Klinish Ecologish Allergie Centrum
(Centre for Environmental Medicine, private)
Zoomweg 44, NL 6006 TW Weert, Nederland
Tel. +31 495 451428 Fax +31 495 451473
Languages spoken: english, german, dutch.
More details: the therapy is based on their finding that in most cases MCS is a deficit/depletation of the genes GSTM1 (glutathiontransferase) in the liver and gut and of SOD2 (superoxide dismutase) in the mitocondria. The disease is more often found in patient with pyrroluria, which store un toxified compounds in the tissues.


Giuseppe Genovesi, MD, PhD
Dipartimento di Fisiopatologia Umana
Policlinico Umberto I
tel. +39 06-49971 
cell. + 39 339-3647586
Details: the approach is PNEI (Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologicy).

Giacomo Rao, MD
Dirigente Medico Legale INAIL
Cardiovascular Diseases specialist
Legal Medicine Specialist
tel/fax: 0039 339 8790609; 0039 329 6723074 fax 0039 06 23327302

Istituto Ricerca Medica e Ambientale (I.R.M.A.)
Via Paolo Vasta 158/C
95024 Acireale (CT)
Tel. 095 7685411 - Fax. 095 601723
Maria Grazia Bruccheri, MD
GiovanniTringali, MD

Agatina Bonaccorsi; MD
Azienda Ospedaliera Cannizzaro (CT)
Via Messina 829, Catania
Tel. 095 7264913; 095 7262605

Myriam Zucca, MD
Azienda ospedaliero-universitaria di Cagliari
via Toscana n°70, Cagliari
telefono e fax: 070/485581  fax: 07092580
cell: 3384422327
Dermatologist and allergologist

Dott.ssa Vivana Sabatini
MD, Psychologyst, Pharmacist, Erborist, Master in Environmental Medicine
Via Broccaindosso, 16
40125 Bologna
tel. + 39 051-227429
fax + 39 051-7450723
Dettagli: Homeopathy, herbs, allopatic, psychology and environmental medicine.

Mineral Test
Dott. Gerardo  Rossi
Via Adriano Cecchetti,7  - 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Tel. 0733-817163     Fax: 0733-1996114
Details: mineral tests of hair and tissues.

Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Divisione di Oncologia Medica A,
Via franco gallini n.2,
Aviano , Pordenone.
Prof. Umberto Tirelli tel.: 0434 659284
Reparto Malattie Infettive.
Ospedale Santissima Annunziata.
Prof. Eligio Pizzigallo tel.:
0871 358686
Dott.ssa Racciatti e Prof. Vecchiet tel.:

Bazzichi Laura
unità operativa universitaria di Reumatologia ospedale Santa Chiara Pisa  prof Bombardieri Stefano
ambulatorio di reumatologia
tel. 050 992684.

Policlinico Umberto I
Dipartimento di Clinica e Terapia Medica Applicata
Divisione di Reumatologia
Dott. Conti, Dott.ssa Priori, Dott. Alessandri
Per appuntamenti Rep. Reumatologia
tel.: 0649974685    

centro di medicina preventiva
Dott.Oliviero Bosco
Via Germania 20, Verona
tel. 045-8622233

divisione di neurologia Policlinico di Bari
Prof.Covelli  - Intramenia -


Dr. Pasquale Iovine
Dirigente della UO di ORL
Provincia Sicula CC.RR.M.I.
Presidio Ospedaliero S. Maria della Pietà
Via S.Rocco, 9 - 80026 Casoria (NA)
tel. 081.5402211 - cell. 339.8934857
Dettagli: Citology of upper airways

Dr. Giuseppe Gualtieri
Medico Chirurgo - Urologist
Via A. Panella, 5
88100 - Catanzaro
tel. 0961-727232

These doctors are listed for their well-known experience and for being suggested by chemically injured people. A.M.I.C.A. does not respond for this work and does not have any financial interest in giving their names and the names of laboratories.